January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Every year since 2010, this month has been dedicated to raising awareness of human trafficking and educating people on how to spot it.


Downeast and The Malouf Foundation™, our official charitable partner, want you to get involved in the fight against human trafficking. Here’s how you can support the cause:




1. Get the Shirt

During the month of January, you can support trafficking survivors by purchasing a limited-edition All The Care In The World t-shirt from Downeast stores or by clicking here. For every t-shirt purchased, 100% of proceeds go towards restorative care efforts for survivors.




2. Get OnWatch™ Certified

OnWatch is a survivor-led and informed education platform designed to empower users to spot, report, and prevent sex trafficking. Through true survivor experiences, industry experts share the key indicators of trafficking and how users can support a survivor’s path to freedom. Get certified for free now




3. Give Back

At Downeast, we believe that jewelry makes you feel beautiful, confident, and empowered to make a positive change. That’s why we started Jewelry for a Cause. One dollar of each piece of jewelry purchased is donated to the Malouf Foundation to support survivors of trafficking through restorative care centers. So make sure to give back in style.


Get involved and make a difference in the life of a survivor. Support Downeast and The Malouf Foundation in their efforts to end human trafficking today.



“When you meet a survivor and hear stories that pull at the heartstrings, it becomes impossible not to help.”

-Kacie Malouf


“The month of January means so much to me as a survivor of human sex trafficking. One way people can get involved this month is by taking the OnWatch™ training. I share my lived experiences in this training, just like so many other survivors, and I found that being involved gave me a sense of empowerment over my story

-Julie Whitehead, a Utah survivor leader and advisory board member of the Malouf Foundation

July 29, 2022 — Ariel Adams